Dipping made easy

We had a great weekend with a local show in town and filled our frag transport with plenty of coral.  I thought I would share a quick trick that we use to safely and quickly dip all our coral.

Since we know the frag transport box we were using was 11 cups, all we had to do was some quick math to determine how much dip to use.  Personally, I use Bayer so 11 cups times 20 ml per cup gives us 220 ml of Bayer to add to the frag transport.  Let it sit for 5 min and we can remove all the racks simultaneously using the insert and rinse.

Using the insert to remove the coral is key here.  Bayer is nasty stuff and has all sorts of health precautions on the label.  You don't want to touch this stuff even in diluted form if possible.  This really goes for all dips since many of the commercially available dips don't even fully list all the ingredients.

If you have a frag transport with a single rack and no insert just ask us for some extra posts.  These posts can be placed in a hole of the rack prior to adding the dip then used to lift the rack out of the dip keeping you hands out of the dip.

Pests can destroy your tank so make sure to dip all your coral whether they came from a show, friends, or LFS.