Zoa Master Frag Transport

Zoa Master Frag Transport

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The Frag Transportation System is the ultimate tool for vendors at national shows or local frag swaps.

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The trays "lock" the post of the plugs in place to prevent them from falling out of the tray or fragments from touching making transport a breeze.  Containers are fully waterproof and prevent any water from leaking out during transport including air travel.

The new Zoa Master model locking trays are specifically designed for the Magical Reef Micro frag plugs and hold 208 holes each.  This allows us to increase the capacity of our frag transport kits even further with the same amount of space as our OMT model.  Each tray measures 11.5" x 8.375" and has raised thumbscrew feet on the bottom.

Kits hold the following number of frags:

2 tray kit - up to 416 frags

3 tray kit up to 624 frags

*Locking mechanism works with industry standard 3/8” post or greater. Reef Creator plugs will not work as the posts are 1/4”

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