Camera Tube Standard

Camera Tube Standard


** Note the gel filter adapter is included on this model. We just have not updated all the stock pictures yet.

This camera tube is designed to mount to your DLSR using the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera giving you a light weight, stable, and balanced unit to shoot top down shots. The unit is adjustable from front to back to allow some adjustment to help reach your focus ring.

A second tapped hole on the bottom of the bar allows you to continue to utilize a tripod with the unit.

The optional focus extender connects to your lens via a ring to allow you to focus and zoom your lens despite being covered by the top down.

The new gel filter mount allows you to utilize your own gel filters with the camera tube. Just loosen the thumbscrews and place the gel filter between the lens and holder. The thumbscrews that hold the filter adapter in place also act as feet to keep the lens of the unit off the ground to help prevent scratches. (If you own a model without the gel filter mount and would like to upgrade please contact us)

Scratch free lenses for life! If you scratch your lens just return it back to us for a free lens replacement. Just pay shipping.

* Design updated 1/15/18

** camera and gel filters not included

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Just you know, we LOVE your acrylic under water lens cover, thanks a ton! - Riley's Reef

Camera tube arrived yesterday. Went instantly to playing with it. Love it - Titan Photo

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Pro Model

  • Aluminum Bar

  • Adjustable in three locations (camera, tube vertically and horizontally)

  • Gel filter adapter

Standard Model

  • Plastic Bar

  • Adjustable in one locations, horizontally

  • Gel filter adapter