Next generation of reefers

We are very fortunate to be able to give back to the community.  Things have been hectic so I haven't had a chance to post an update on one of the schools we are helping out.  We sent out our top of the line UO sump and they plumbing it into their display at the front of the school.





Thank you Ben and Building An Obsession for your donation.  Our project places coral reef aquariums in elementary school classrooms and uses them as a platform to teach math, science and language arts.  As students from around my school learn to care for their reef ecosystems, they learn an appreciation for nature and develop a sense of responsibilitythat improves both their social and academic performance at school.   

Since we added our first reef tank, student interest and growth has been incredible.  Many of the students I work with live in poverty and are withdrawn and bored at school.  Having constant access to our coral reefs has encouraged them to tune in, and they have blossomed into leaders, caretakers and scientists.  

Our project is funded by my meager savings and  donations from members of the reefing community. Wve can't maintain our tanks or create new ones without the help of generous people like you.  Your sump will be placed in a 120 gallon mixed reef tank that all 400+ students at my school will have access to.  Please continue to check my website atmrrutherfordisawesome.weebly.comto see all of the great work that we do.

Ben SuComment