Top Down Camera Box

We are happy to announce the release of our top down camera box for DSLR cameras.  This camera tube is designed to mount to your DLSR using the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera giving you a light weight, stable, and balanced unit to shoot top down shots.

The 6" deep tube accepts most camera lenses while the crystal clear acrylic window insures no distortion in your shots.

Also available as an accessory is the lip clip that easily attaches to the unit.  This brace can be placed on the lip or eurobrace to help stabilize your shot.  The lip clip is adjustable forwards and backwards to allow for best angle of shooting.




Fabrication of the first run of units is complete and will be posted on the site later this week.  The top down unit will be priced at $50 and the lip clip $10.  Stay tuned for a limited time pricing and event on our Facebook page.


Please note that this unit is not designed to be used with a battery grip or grip extension.  If you do utilize a grip with your camera we will be release another model in the near future that will be better suited for your shooting needs.