Rectangle sump, square hole

Cube owners often have issues finding a sump that works well for them.  Typical off the shelf sumps are often too narrow and long which causes an inefficient use of space if they fit at all.

Square sump.jpeg

This sump is specifically designed for cube owners.  With 18"x18"15.5" dimensions it will fit under almost any stand and handle tanks up to 100 gallons.  




The skimmer section is designed to fit almost any skimmer on the market that would be used on this size tank.  We also added an adjustable skimmer wall to help adjust the water level in the skimmer section to dial your skimmer in perfectly.







A large fuge spans a full side of the sump and drains into the return through slots to help keep macro algae out of your return.



We will be bringing this with us to Reef Currents this weekend so if you are in the Houston area stop by and check it out.