Faster is not better

I like to take a different approach with my customers and spend some time talking to them when we design a custom sump for them.  Instead of rushing through and pushing a standard design onto them, generally several conversation or emails are required before settling in on a design.  From a business stand point most would view this as time wasted because many customers would be happy enough with a standard line sump.  I however find that those that seek out a custom sump generally have a story to tell or a problem to solve and listening first results in a happier customer later.


During acrylic fabrication, faster is also not better.  Other companies will boast their production volumes, touting that they were able to crank out X number of sumps or tanks before lunch.  I see these comments and cringe and here’s why.  Acrylic takes a certain amount of time to cure before it comes to full strength.  To come to 80% strength ¼” cell cast acrylic takes 24 hours to cure.  If the acrylic is thicker, then the cure time increases.  In simple terms this means once a wall is welded it should not be touched or moved for at least 24 hours.  Any movement results in a weakened joint.  So how exactly do you build a complete sump in half a day when one wall takes 24 hours to cure?


At Building An Obsession, our objective is not to crank out, but craft our sumps and tanks.  We have plenty of space to let sumps sit and play the waiting game until they are cured and ready to be moved.  Yes, this result in longer build times and less sumps made, but we feel it is absolutely mandatory for our products.  This hobby is always test of patience, so what ‘s a few more days of cure time in the grand scheme of things.

Ben SuComment