Our Building An Obsession camera tube has been one of the most widely used underwater lens covers in the aquarium industry.  From the USA to Indonesia our camera tube assists professionals and hobbyists alike to take great top down pictures below the surface of the water.

Never happy with our innovations and always looking to improve we are releasing a new iteration of the BAO camera tube.  Previously, the user had to select a bar size that positioned the tube appropriately so that the focus ring on the lens could be reached.  Once the appropriate size was chosen everything works great, but this was confusing to some.

On our newest iteration we are introducing the "focus extension."  The attachment extends the focus ring so that adjustments are accessible outside the tube.  The attachment fits most lenses, is removable, and is gentle on your lens.  Now a single post length can be used on all DLSR cameras.

As before, the unit attaches to your tripod port ensuring your lens won't be damage by attempting to attach with thumbscrews.