Rise Magnetic Frag Rack - L Series

Rise Magnetic Frag Rack - L Series

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** available online 10/9/19**

Our Rise magnet frag racks are the newest generation of our popular frag racks. Since 2013, we have offered locking frag racks that prevent frag plugs from falling out of the rack. With each generation we add new innovative features to provide you with the best frag rack in the industry.

The Rise magnetic frag rack has two new features for this generation.

  • We have triple sealed the magnet to give maximum protection against leaking and rusting of the magnet. This design will continue long term ICP testing by Triton Labs.

  • A new material we refer to as BCD, acts as a buoyancy compensation for the rack. when approximately 1/2 full the rack will be neutrally buoyant in the tank. This allows the magnet strength to be utilized for holding strength on the glass rather than holding up the weight of the rack. Consequently, the rack can hold on upwards of 3/4” glass.

Rack comes in rows of 15. Future release of accessory packs will allow you to change out the color of the top portion of the rack and locking material.

Currently, using magnets in your aquarium is like having a ticking time bomb that could kill your tank at any moment. Our magnets racks are triple sealed to prevent rusting and the design has been independently ICP tested by Triton Labs for maximum security.

*Locking mechanism works with industry standard 3/8” post or greater. Reef Creator plugs will not work as the posts are 1/4”

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