Gridded Single Locking Trays

Gridded Single Locking Trays


Gridded Single Frag Transport Trays

Alphabetically engraved down the Y axis and numerically down the X axis the gridded locking trays are great for organization and transport.


  • 45 locking holes

  • Inner "locking" mechanism holds frag post in place preventing movement of the frag during transport. Also holds many post diameters.

  • Locking material is made of specially designed food grade German silicone hybrid rubber. It will not degrade or harden with use over time.

  • Thumbscrew feet slightly elevate the rack so that the plug posts do not touch the tank bottom.

  • Black acrylic

  • Dimensions 8.375" x 5" x 1"

Y axis:
X axis:
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