Original Single Locking Trays

Original Single Locking Trays

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Single Frag Transport Trays

For those that do not need to move two to three hundred frags at a time the single trays are still an easy means to move frags safely and swiftly to frag swaps or even from the store home.  These trays fix into typical food storage containers available at grocery stores.  The trays can also be used continuously in tank as frag racks.



  • 45 locking holes

  • Inner "locking" mechanism holds frag post in place preventing movement of the frag during transport. Also holds most post diameters regardless of size.

  • Locking material is made of specially designed food grade German silicone. It will not degrade or harden with use over time.

  • Feet slightly elevate the rack so that the plug posts do not touch the tank bottom.

  • Black acrylic

  • Dimensions 8.375" x 5" x 1"

*Locking mechanism works with industry standard 3/8” post or greater. Reef Creator plugs will not work as the posts are 1/4”

Suction Cup Feet:
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