OMT Single Locking Tray

OMT Single Locking Tray


Single OMT Transport Trays

OMT trays are also available in singles for use in your frag tank.  The locking designs keep fish, snails and urchins from knocking over your frags.



  • 108 locking holes

  • Inner "locking" mechanism holds frag post in place preventing movement of the frag during transport. Also holds most post diameters regardless of size.

  • Locking material is made of specially designed food grade German silicone. It will not degrade or harden with use over time.

  • Raised Thumbscrew feet

  • Black acrylic

  • Dimensions 8.375" x 11.5" x 1"

The OMT racks have been updated 10/17/18 to have thumbscrew feet on the bottom to allow for attachment of upcoming accessories. If you would like the legacy legs to match previous racks please email us and we will gladly do so.

*Locking mechanism works with industry standard 3/8” post or greater. Reef Creator plugs will not work as the posts are 1/4”

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