Coleman Locking Racks

Coleman Locking Racks

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These BAO Locking Frag Trays have all the same features as the locking trays in our Frag Transports, but are sized especially for the popular Coleman Party Stacker Coolers. **coolers are not included


Dimensions - 16" x 11" x 1"

# of holes - 206

If 2 or more racks are ordered in the same order than four 1/2" diameter rods will be included to allow you to stack the racks inside the container. 

The Coleman racks only have legs on the two sides and not the center to provide the most clearance when stacking corals. There is a slight flex in the center due to the length of the rack. If you plan to use this as in in tank rack or want to increase the center rigidity please select to add the center leg.

Center Leg:
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