Camera Tube Pro

Camera Tube Pro


Next batch available 8/12

An anodized aluminum rail allows for adjustment of the tube horizontally and vertically. This allows the tube to be used on everything from a small point and shoot to a full body DSLR.

The rail securely mounts to the tripod port of the camera insuring no damage to the camera lens from mounting. An additional mounting points are provided so the unit can still be attached to a tripod.

The new gel filter mount allows you to utilize your own gel filters with the camera tube. Just loosen the thumbscrews and place the gel filter between the lens and filter adapter. The thumbscrews also act as feet to help keep the lens of the unit off the ground to help prevent scratches. (If you own a model without the gel filter mount and would like to upgrade please contact us. )

Need gel filters? You can buy them here

(Note: we are not related at all to the company selling the gel filters, but they are the ones that we use ourselves)

Scratch free lenses for life! If you scratch your lens just return it back to us for a free lens replacement. Just pay shipping.

Since the tube can be adjusted the focus ring is not necessary, however, if you would like contact us to purchase separately.

** Camera and gel filters not included

** Canon 1d/1ds/1dx series bodies will not fit the camera tube

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If there was one product that I will 100% stand behind and recommend to anyone wanting to take pictures of their corals it would be their pro camera tube
— Claudia, Paandemonium/Reefer's Direct