Frag Transportation System


Frag Transportation System

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The Original BAO Frag Transportation System is the ultimate tool for vendors at national shows or local frag swaps.  Originally released in 2013, the design has been updated to use glossy acrylic instead of our original matte ABS. 

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The trays "lock" the post of the plugs in place to prevent them from falling out of the tray or fragments from touching making transport a breeze.  Containers are fully waterproof and prevent any water from leaking out during transport.

This model features a versatile and durable 8.375" x 5" acrylic trays with suction cup feet on the bottom.  The locking material has a lifetime warranty from degrading or hardening.

Kits hold the following number of frags:

3 tray kit - up to 123 frags

6 tray kit up to 246 frags

8 tray kit. up to 328 frags

note: As of 9/16/16, all kits now use the same container previously only available on the 8 tray model.

# of Trays:
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