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Modern, beautiful, crafted aquarium products.

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A total commitment to artistic craftsmanship, time-honored skills and near obsessive attention to detail lie at the heart of our production philosophy


There is a word in Japanese, kodawari, meaning being obsessed with the details, and it guides almost everything here.

While some of this quality obsession may be a response to discerning consumers, we see craftsmanship at BAO prospering from our own self-demands.

Some part of kodawari is our own self-satisfaction of creating really nice things, even if consumers don’t notice the details. When we started the brand, we thought about how to do things from the perspective of those who actually use the products, and we wanted to produce items that people would still utilize after a long time, both in terms of functionality and style.

No one taught us how to work with acrylic, because others didn’t want us stealing their techniques. So we just had to watch and learn for years.  The end result, however, is a small studio that can turn out acrylic goods like no one else in the world.  You can’t make stuff like we do in the big shops.  Merging new technology, time honored methods, and innovative design we work together. Listening to what others say and brainstorming together.  In this way, the small shop system fosters and supports designers’ creativity, and this critical synergy is where true luxury and innovation are born.

We did not start his brand with craftsmanship in mind, however.   In the beginning we were just focused on how we could make our products better and improve the performance, style, and quality.  As we explored different ways of doing so, we started to realize that there were less interest towards mass-producing or hyped-up marketing, and more interest leading in the direction of craftsmanship.


Some of our latest work

Building An Obsession lives up to its name... some of the sexiest simplest reef sumps we’ve ever seen
— Jake Adams, ReefBuilders
German style craftsmanship on this side of the pond. Simply exquisite.
The quality of BAO sumps is unquestionable. Building An Obsession is the best
— Lou Schaivo, World Wide Corals
If there was one product that I will 100% stand behind and recommend to anyone wanting to take pictures of their corals it would be their pro camera tube
— Claudia, Paandemonium

There's a BAO product for everyone.

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