The frag transport system allows for easy, quick, safe transport of hundreds of frags to events for sale or display.

Packing corals individually for transport and unpacking upon arrival can take hours and cause stress on the corals.  Bagging individually also does not ensure that the corals will not get crushed or damaged during transport.  Our new frag transport system provides a quicker and safer means of transporting hundreds of corals to and from events.







At the heart of the system is the locking frag trays.  These trays hold up to 45 plugs and have a specially designed fingers that lock and hold the frag plug in place to prevent frags from moving and touching or falling out of the tray.  In addition, the design of the fingers allow the use of practically any frag plug regardless of the post shape or size.  These trays allow up to 45 frags to be move in one action rather than having to bag each individually, saving tons of time in preparation and setup at events and swaps.  These trays have been designed for continuous use and can be used within your propagation system as a frag racks keeping your frags organized and ready to go for events at a moments notice.



The second part of the system is the rack.  The racks holds the trays and come in two sizes. A smaller size that comes with 6 trays and a larger size that comes with  8 trays.  Because of the holding post design of the system, the trays can be set at any varying distance between the trays without worry of the trays slipping and damaging coral.  For shorter frags, such as zoas, chalice, and encrusting montis, the trays can be place closer together to put more trays in the rack.  If you have taller frags, such as sps, the trays can be distanced further to give the tall frags room.  The design of the post system utilizes the locking design of the trays to prevent movement of the trays while in the rack, thereby preventing the coral from being crushed.



The waterproof containers are 3 gallons for the 6 tray rack (approx. 270 frags) and 4 gallons for the 8 tray rack (approx. 360 frags).  They feature heavy duty locking hinges and a gasket to keep the water in even if accidentally transported upside down.  These containers are compact enough to fit in most insulated shipping boxes yet two to three hundred frags can be moved in each container.  If shorter frags are being transported more trays can be stacked in a container.  For example, if only transporting zoas up to 12 trays can be fit into the 4 gallon container.

Best system to take corals anywhere!
— Josh Pork Sandwich Zoas
The best investment I have made in a long time
— Reef Chicks
After trying these units I will never do another show without them. We saved SOOO much time packing and unpacking. We can now bring more frags to shows and still spend less time with prep and setup.
— Unlimited Coral Colors
The results of the transport system was a total success! After the show we placed the coral frags that did not sell along with the new frags we purchased into the transport system and all arrived safely back into our tanks at WWC!
— World Wide Corals

Join the community of over 90 vendors  saving time and money with this system.  Here are just a few:

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Need Smaller or Larger Quantities?

The trays will also available for purchase individually for those that do not need to transport hundreds of frags.  Single trays fit easily into food storage containers you can find at your local grocery.  Larger custom containers sizes will be available in the future or we can create custom racks to fit into existing containers you may have such as coolers or 5 gallon buckets.  We will also be releasing accessories such as hangers that allow you to hang the trays in your tank as a frag rack.

We are working to list the accessories and trays listed on our store, but if you need immediate assistance please contacts us via the Contact Us page.