Cube Sump

Sump is designed for cube shaped tanks or odd shaped tanks where a traditional rectangular sump does not provide for an efficient use of space.


This style is available in four standard sizes to accommodate most tanks.












Feature Details

The skimmer section has carefully been sized to fix the majority of the skimmers rated for the same size as the sump. No need to worry if the skimmer you purchase will fit.

Current high performance skimmers often specify the water run height for the skimmer and rarely are two skimmers the same. The adjustable skimmer wall allows you to set your water run height perfectly and future proofs your sump from future skimmer changes. No need for skimmer stands.

Adjustable Skimmer Wall

Slotted Baffle

A large display fuge allows for both nutrient export while displaying macro algae. Don't need a fuge? This section is perfect as a frag tank or isolation chamber as well. 



The baffle to the return is slotted to prevent macro algae or any other small foreign objects from making it into your return and potentially damaging your return. 









The best products, the best material

We only use Spartech Polycast or Arkema Plexi-G in our sumps. These two are undeniably the market leaders for quality cell cast acrylic. don't settle for cheap imported acrylic. The best products start with the best material.


Additional Purchase Options

  • Dosing line management
  • Additional probe holders


Need a spec changed or want to add some options? We can add or make a change to anything with a custom order so please don't hesitate to ask.