BAO Frag System

Building An Obsession makes products for hobbyists and vendors alike who demand unmatched style  and performance. You aspire to build a beautiful tank or make each swap, or show better, and BAO is there to help you constantly push forward. Each of our products is engineered with careful consideration for what reef keepers need to be at the absolute top of their game. Our products work well alone, but they work even better together — creating a system that allows you to work smarter and more efficiently.


Feature 1

Multi-use Locking Frag Racks

Building An Obsession Locking Frag Racks are the corner stone of our coral systems.  Our uniquely design locking system prevents frags from falling out of the trays due to transport or inhabitants in your tank.  With may different styles, materials, and sizes available, there is a option that fits your need.  


Feature 2


To mount our locking frag racks on the glass of your tank we designed a magnetic holder, Force.  Because of the standardized hole spacing on the racks you can utilize any rack with the holder and easily remove the rack if needed for maintenance, travel, or expand to a larger size.


Feature 3


When headed to the store, swap, or show, utilize Trek to securely hold your locking frag trays within your choice of air tight containers.  With the right container you can even fly across the country with your corals.



Coming soon...

For frag tanks and show displays you may want display the locking frag racks side by side on the bottom of the tank.  Align allows you to expand as you needing by adding additional components.